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Calling all sentient beings! You will be chosen to be part of 1 of 9 elite intergalactic fighting forces known as lantern corps, respectively by your most dominant emotion.
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Within 48 hours all new members will be assigned to 1 of the 9 Lantern Corps. Please wait patiently and a ring matching your inner most dominant emotion will come to you in time! Thanks!
Anyone who does not post after sign up will not get a ring right away. Showing your active will get you your power ring and title faster. I apologize for not being on for a good while. Been very busy. I am here now, and I will continue to be here.
I would like to welcome our very first moderator assisting me with this site, a blue lantern named SaintMedit! I would like to ask everyone to give him a congratulatory welcome not only to the site but to his new position as well! Show him the same respect you should show any superior. Welcome SaintMedit!

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 Keeping Our Home Planet, And Surrounding Areas Safe

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Blue Lantern Moderator

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PostSubject: Keeping Our Home Planet, And Surrounding Areas Safe   Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:29 pm

Greetings My Fellow Lanterns, And To The Guardians Ganthet And Sayd
After the War Of Light, and Darkest Night I have sensed still the feelings of the Black Lantern Corps.  I feel our task is to secure a parameter around our home planet ODYM.  Our friends The Green Lantern Corps will always be there for us, and we for them.  In MEDITATION I Built with powerful technology from a planet I helped on their desperate hour, I have seen the other Lantern Groups other than the Star Sapphires not concerned about this.  Lanterns, we must be sure ODYM is secure, and help The Green Lantern Corps, and Star Sapphires secure their home worlds too.  
Be Safe Lanterns
Love And Light
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Keeping Our Home Planet, And Surrounding Areas Safe
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